We continue to deliver donations to community groups as part of our ‘Heartwarming Stories’ collaboration with 102.1 Edge FM & 1566 3NE.
Receiving a $250 donation from Frasca’s Belting, Steel & Engineering this week is a local charity, Wang Night Shelter


For the second winter in a row, the Wang Night Shelter provided a place for some of our towns most vulnerable people to lay their head at night. Backed by our local churches and parenting companies Zac’s Place Inc and Stable One, the Wang Night Shelter and their 70 volunteers have delivered hospitality without judgement to many in need in 2020.

Traditionally the Night Shelter moves location on a daily basis. We learnt that this is to help provide and encourage a new and broader network for their guests to start establishing new connections and places of trust. Unfortunately, this year with the added obstacle of Covid 19, moving daily was not a possibility and the Shelter stayed put in an undisclosed location for the duration of the winter months.

At the end of August, the Shelter was packed up into their brand new trailer with many of the guests the Shelter supported this year managing to find themselves temporary accommodation. It is comforting to know that the Shelter can easily set at short noticed if they are needed in a crisis.

Since closing up this year, the Wang Night Shelter has continued to distribute their ‘Rough Sleeper’ bags. Prior to Winter, they were filled with things like warm socks and beanies but in anticipation of the coming warmer weather, now they have included things like masks, sunscreen and mozzie repellent. The rough sleeper bags are left at places familiar to our vulnerable for them to find. All bags include the Wang Night Shelter’s 1800 number which remains active to offer support to those experiencing homelessness, loneliness; heartache all year round.

If you would like to know more about the Wang Night Shelter or how you can help, refer to their Facebook page: Wang Night Shelter.