The name Frasca

Two long-time Wangaratta district brothers, Jack and John Frasca have called it a day on the job, officially calling retirement after 70 years of a working partnership.

Jack (92 years old) and John (84) grew up in Myrrhee on a tobacco farm and got into the steel and rubber belting trade which they have worked in for decades.

Jack Frasca once said:

“My old man told me years ago, hard work won’t kill you, but worry will.”

Following their retirement, the steel yard was purchased by us, a locally owned steel fabricating business based in Wangaratta, we have been dealing in steel sales and working with the Frasca brothers for the past 5 years.

Frascas is now is owned and run by another two brothers, which brings to the Frascas name a combined 20 years’ experience in the engineering field.